Partner With Us

Partner With Us

Is your Student looking at studying the STEM programs or build a career in Arts or Business? Whether they want a big-city university or a location that’s easy and quiet, a bustling campus of thousands of students or a more intimate and personalized study experience, we have University options for them! Whether they are a top notch student looking for high ranked universities or looking at a great experience abroad in a reputable college. You name it, we will get them admissions from their dream institutions.

We help our students in an end to end process that includes the following services

  • College Selection
  • Profile Enhancement
  • Essay Brainstorming
  • Recommendation Letter Strategy
  • Resume review and Assessment
  • Review of online Application forms
  • Admission Interview preparation
  • Scholarship and Assistantship
  • Financial Aid Advice / Loan
  • Visa Interview Preparation
  • Pre- Departure Session

Become our Associate:

CIE is an ideal organization to partner with to achieve your strategic goals. With our 20 Years of experience in this industry, we can help you grow and expand your business. Connect with us if you are looking to expand your network of countries.

We can help your students get into Premium institutions. We offer various programs that can help a student get into their desired Institution.

There are various ways in which you can associate with us- You can choose to be either the front face with the student and let us do all the processing at back end or you can directly refer the student to us and keep you in loop.

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Looking to start a new business?

You can reach out to us and we can help you establish, and provide all the support required in terms of the application and Visa processing. Our team will operate from the back end, providing you all the help required. We also hold interactive training sessions and team building exercises, which would include your team as well.

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