Canvas for Ivy

Canvas for Ivy

“A blank canvas has unlimited possibilities”- Stephanie Perkins

A student is like a blank canvas to us, we as the artist try to fill that canvas with as much art as we can. Starting early in your application process gives the advantage of preparing you for Ivy League institutions

Highlights of the program

  1. 1-on-1 sessions
  2. Personalized experience
  3. Timely applications
  4. Profile Enhancement
  5. Financial Aid
  6. Informed Decisions
  7. Focuses on 10th and 11th Students

The Process-

Phase 1- Absorbing Knowledge
  1. Getting to Know You
  2. Family Background and Finances
  3. Know Your Course
  4. Choosing the Right Destination
  5. Choosing the Right Institutions
  6. Know Your Test
  7. Profile Enhancement
Phase 2- Application Process
  1. Essay Brainstorming, Review and Assessment
  2. Letter of Recommendation Strategy
  3. Resume Review and Assessment
  4. Filling out application forms
  5. Admission Interview Preparation and Mocks
  6. Scholarship Applications
  7. Visa File Preparation